Saturday, October 23, 2010

Advice: How to read a blog

Well done so far, you're on track. The first step is one you've clearly conquered, finding the blog. In case it was an accident the easiest way is to search in a search engine like google for a blog that suits your interests, if you have any. Next is to read the words on the blog site, which you seem to be doing, again, well done and keep it up! What do you do when you're done though, this one is new so you'll run out of words to read pretty quickly...   You have some options here. It could require some thought on your part *gasp*. First of all you could give some sort of feedback, authors of blogs love feedback. Express whatever opinion you have, and if it related to the post you are commenting on that's a bonus. If you take this option you can either simply leave one comment and leave it at that, or you could have a full blown discussion about something with another commenter. The next action you could take upon completion of reading the blog is to repeat the process, blogger has a great "next blog" button to facilitate this. Alternatively you can just stop browsing the internet, you could switch your computer off and have a picnic, you could throw your computer away and become a hippy, or you could blow your computer up and become a guns rights activist. Please don't though, I'll be lonely.

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